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All bandanas are handmade so there may be slight variation in sizing as well as design placement. Pease refer to the sizing chart in the photos above to best suit the size your pet needs. As there are 3 different style bandanas, please carefully read the sizing since they all vary. If you get an Over The Collar style, you DO NOT need as large of a size as you would with the other styles.

Due to lighting and differences in monitors, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears online.

Over The Collar

This bandana style is worn by slipping the pet’s collar through the opening at the top. This style cannot be tied around your pet’s neck and because it is on the collar, it will not fall off.

Straight Tie-On/Snap On

This bandana is the “traditional” style design. It should be tied loosely around your pet’s neck. It even has a snap to ensure that it stays on. The snap can also be used as a way to loosen the fit of the bandana if it’s a little too small.

Curved Tie-On/Snap On

Similar to the Straight Tie-On/Snap On, this style must loosely fit on your pet’s neck. It can be tied or snapped in the back. It is also curved at the neckline giving it a more modern and fitted look. It will not feel as bulky with the excess fabric that the Straight Tie-On has.

Over The Collar Sizing

Mini: Cats & Tiny Pups <15lbs

XS: Pups 15-25lbs

S: Pups 20-50lbs

M: Pups 50-85lbs

L: Pups 85-100lbs

XL: Pups >100lbs

Curved Tie On/Snap On Sizing

Mini: Up to 7" neck

XS: Up to 11" neck

S: Up to 13" neck

M: Up to 15" neck

L: Up to 17" neck

XL: Up to 20" neck

XXL: Up to 23" neck

Straight Tie On/Snap On Sizing

Mini: Up to 7" tied (Snaps at 11")

XS: Up to 9" tied (Snaps at 13")

S: Up to 11" tied (Snaps at 15")

M: Up to 14" tied (Snaps at 18")

L: Up to 17" tied (Snaps at 21")

XL: Up to 20" tied (Snaps at 24")

XXL: Up to 24" tied (Snaps at 28")

If you are unsure about sizing, please email us so we can help guide you what would be the best option.